September 1, 2015


As a girl we all desire bright and glowing skin don't we? Well do you know that Vitamin C actually plays a huge role in ensuring that your skin stays radiant and bright? I don't think I have mentioned it before here but I have been religiously taking supplements for my skin and one of the key supplements I consume is Vitamin C! Not only does it boost your immune system but it helps with your complexion as well :) 

Now of course when I heard about the Vitamin C Therapy treatment, I knew I had to try it. As far as anything goes that will help me achieve a brighter complexion, I am down for it! 
This treatment ensures that your skin absorbs every bit of the medical grade Vitamin C essence, with the help of a skin ionizer!
On the (left) above you can see that my skin looked really dull.. as well as those dark eye circles present from lack of sleep. Really made my complexion as a whole really hard to look at especially without make up. I just looked really pale :( However on the (right) above, you can see that results are definitely visible after one session! My skin is brighter and much radiant looking as compared to before! I didn't adjust the lighting in both pictures so it's really the effect that I got from the Vitamin C treatment itself :) 
Managed to get superbly nice and pretty skin in time for my birthday week! 
If you have problems with dull, uneven skin tone or even pigmentation, I would definitely recommend trying out this treatment! Or if you are having issues with your skin and would like help on consultation do not hesitate to call Atlas Medical to arrange for a visit!!! They have helped with ALOT with my skin so far and I'm really thankful :) 

For more informtion on the treatments and services at Atlas Medical, feel free to call their friendly concierge at 65560829. Also don't forget to make an appointment before heading down! 
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