September 13, 2015


Today I am really excited to share with you guys my first ever experience in a "Real Escape Game" So for those of you guys who have no clue what these games are, basically you and your group of friends will be locked up in a themed room filled with clues and puzzles which you have to solve in order to be able to escape within the given time.
I have heard of these real escape games a lot as I think the popularity of these games have spread amongst many Singaporean during the recent years but I haven't found the time to actually plan a day out to try them out. Thankfully, I was invited by LOST SG to try out their games and that was when I decided, WHY NOT?! I decided to grab my group of friends whom have played these games before at other places so at least I know a newbie like me wouldn't be stuck!
LOST SG is located in Peace Center, super convenient if you and your friends are in town and pretty clueless on what you can do.. Well, you can always make a trip down and try out these games for yourself! 

Upon reaching we had to do some registration just for safety precautions, we had a locker to keep all of our stuff in as you wouldn't be able to bring any sort of technology or materials into the room! For that evening, we were going to to play the themed room Exodus. Currently they have a total of 5 rooms, you can view each and everyone of them with their story here:
Basically the story of Exodus would be along the lines of escaping the clutches of the Pharaoh and finding freedom! I didn't get a chance to bring my camera into the rooms to snap pictures of our experience as I didn't want to ruin anything but here's a peek into the first room! 
My thoughts and opinions?
I would say that as a first timer at these games I truly enjoyed myself! At some point I was really amazed with the technology equipped within the rooms to make the experience even more interesting. It wasn't just about finding clues in boxes or scribbled on the wall.. it was way more than that and I was honestly very amazed and baffled at how high-tech and engaging it was. Certain 'puzzles' might require more than one person to solve so I find that really good as it would highly require the combined efforts of everyone which would evoke a really good sense of teamwork!
This will make an extremely good team bonding activity! :) 
In the end we managed to break free! Well I would admit it took us a few attempts of buzzing through the intercom and asking for clues (LOL) we escaped! This was really a new and really fun experience for me and no doubt I wouldn't mind going back to try out the other maps. My friends themselves too loved the experience and the highly interactive system and said that this was probably one of the best places they have played in compared to some other escape games! I was happy when I heard that so I know that my first time was worth it :D

LOST SG Hall of Participation
Lining the halls of LOST SG you'll see tons of people who have came and conquered! I was shocked when I saw it cos there was soooooo many! Upon completion you will get to snap a picture and have it up on Lost SG's Facebook page !
Keen to try out LOST SG for yourself? Grab your team of friends and make a booking today! While playing don't forget to think out of the box and keep your eyes peeled at every single thing, you will never know if an unsuspecting item could be one of the most vital clues that will lead you to your grand escape! :)
Lastly, a huge thank you to LOST SG for hosting us!

Lost SG
1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre 
#03-01/02/03 Singapore 228149

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday, 11AM-11PM
Friday and Satuday , 11AM-1AM

To book an appointment, you can call their hotline at 67171688 or make a booking here: .
For more details do check out their Facebook page or their official website :)