October 23, 2015


After what seemed like years I finally went ice skating again! 
Planned a day out to ice skate at Kallang to celebrate dear G's birthday~
 I remembered how I aspired to be a professional figure skater years back (hahahaha) I was really obsessed with that thought. Ice Princess was my favourite movie and I could watch it a few times in a week. Then I would get dreams of myself skating and all..... it was so surreal. Sometimes I regret the fact that I didn't pick it up as a hobby/sport and that now is too late, I think I'm too old to pursue it? 
I hope you enjoyed your special day sis! I know it cannot be compared to your birthday last year but nevertheless I hoped you enjoyed the time spent with your loved ones and us hehe.
Thank You for being so amazing for the past few months, although it has only been months I feel like I have known you for years hehe. Love ni and may you be happy always :)