October 7, 2015


In September, I flew to the UK for a pretty short trip with my parents as well as my Aunt and her husband. There wasn't much we had planned for this trip apart from getting away from Singapore as well as the hazy weather.. And visiting the area where my Uncle owned a place at! 
Just so you know for this trip I didn't get to set foot in London, instead we went to Eastborne! I have visited London before about 4-5 years ago so this time it was decided that we checked out somewhere else out of London where the environment and surroundings would be much different :) 

Eastborne is located at the south coast of England within East Sussex, it's pretty near the sea and surrounded by the countryside so it's a nice place to visit if you would like to relax and get away from the city.It takes about a 2.5hour drive from Heathrow airport to get to Eastborne. My uncle's house is really just a stone's throw away from Sovereign Harbour and it is literally just next to the sea! 
 Sovereign Harbour
I cannot emphasise on how I absolutely love the UK.. everything from the buildings, the weather to the people and how amazing everything is. The harbour was really beautiful, it's a little bit like one degree 15, only much nicer and well..... the weather wasn't exactly a bitch to take a long stroll in. Hahah

We didn't do much while we were in Eastborne except for spending a lot of time travelling from one place to another (because there was ALOT of land to cover lol) so one other place we popped by while were there was the Seven Sisters Country Park (below) It is such a beautiful park.. there, you can take nice long walks, have a picnic, lay on the grass, bird/animal watch rent a bike to ride through the park or even canoe! We didn't make plans to do any of the activities there but if given a chance I would definitely come back to spend an entire day just relaxing there. Too good to be missed!
While taking a slow walk with my parents it really did give me the time to look around and appreciate nature at it's best. I cannot even begin to explain how much I love the smell of the cool air, fresh grass.. and the smell of the country. It is really something I don't get to experience everyday and just knowing then and there, where I stood... everything was breathtakingly amazing and I couldn't be thankful for being there. Sigh.. I really miss the UK already :(

 Stopped by a nice little inn nearby for tea and we had.. scones!!! One of my favourite English snacks! 
Annnnnnnnd yeah, we spent a total of 3 days in Eastborne but as there was a lot of travelling involved there wasn't much that we did. Aside of those places mentioned above we visited family, went grocery shopping and basically just relaxed hence.. not a lot of pictures from then. Shared what I thought would be worth sharing so yeah. If you're planning a trip to the UK do try and see if you can plan a few extra days just to explore other areas apart from London, the countryside is really worth visiting... at least once in your life right? :) 

So I shall end here for now, in my next post I will be covering the Harry Potter Studios as well as Prague! More pictures to be up in those posts so do check back if you can hehe. 
Thank you for reading X