December 15, 2015


December started off with a bang as the Influence Asia Awards took place!
I had such an amazing time catching up with influencers whom I haven't seen in ages and meeting new ones from Singapore as well as overseas. So much happened over a span of 2 days for me and it was hard to keep up! I just want to thank the amazing team from YDM as well as Gushcloud for the hard work and planning for this, I know how some have worked to the bone just to watch this event come together so I'm so glad and proud of you :) 

I am also very thankful to be nominated as a finalist under the Beauty Category. Honestly I felt like I could have done so much better to even be considered a nominee.. and it made me realise that I shouldn't take life and opportunities for granted and work even harder from now on and next year. Nevertheless I'm thankful of all that has happened as well as everyone who have been with me ever since I stared blogging since my livejournal days (close to 10 years now) hahaha, if you're one of the them, THANK YOU! 

So.. let me just fast forward to snippets from the event :)
A day before the event we had a networking and briefing session at Gushcloud's new office where I got to meet Yebin! I have been secretly a fan of hers on IG for quite awhile now and to see her in real life I couldn't be happier!!! She is sooooooo cute, pictures doesn't justify how cute she is in reality!
I hope that this wouldn't be my last time seeing her, it will be nice to be able to meet her again :))))

The actual day itself went by so quickly like a blur, we had to get up early to prepare.. as early as 6-7am for hair and make-up! Really grateful for the team from Salon Vim who got up early to come and help us with our hair! My up-do was pretty complicated as it involved lots of braiding but it came together really well and overall I think it looked great!
Thank You so much Salon Vim! 

It was my very first time gracing the red carpet so I was actually really nervous! Thank god I got to walk with Tricia so we agreed to help each other in case our dresses got in the way (haha) For the event, I got my dress from Stylelease. Super amazing and gorgeous embroidery details on the dress that I was so scared I would ruin if I wasn't careful enough. 
 Would definitely recommend checking them out especially if you need a nice evening/formal dress for an event! Doesn't make sense to splurge on an expensive dress just to wear it once, you can loan one from Stylelease fast and hassle free :) 

Not forgetting Atlas Medispa for ensuring my skin is always glowing and ready for the camera! 
I did the Vitamin C Hydrolightening Therapy which helps to lighten and brighten the skin, the results from the treatment is almost instant and can last up to weeks with proper care :) 
 And of course with every treatment it is accompanied with my monthly laser sessions to lighten any scars from previous pimple spots as well as to rejuvenate the skin :) You can read more on their previous treatments here
Thank You Atlas Medispa and Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics clinic!

 Another highlight from the event was meeting J Park backstage heheheheh, Selfie with Jpark!!!

After the event we were invited to a private event/concert where we got to see TTS perform live!!!!!!!
 Starstrucked and in awe... they are just TOO PRETTTTTTTTTY OMG. They look exactly like how they do in pictures and videos, no editing or photoshop. #perfect 
Overall I had a wonderful time and I'm honoured to be able to be part of the first ever Influence Asia Awards show. A big congratulations to all the winners as well as nominees! It was nice knowing everyone and I will be looking forward to the next show in time to come :)