January 7, 2016


Hello hello! 
I can't believe that 2016 is already here, it is amazing how time flies. My very first post for 2016 will be dedicated to DazzlemeLens, was supposed to have this post up earlier but I was pretty slow so do forgive me~ 
DazzlemeLens has been my main sponsor for my contact lenses as well as my opticals, basically they help me to see everyday (hahaha) I started out as a paying customer when I used to frequent Bangkok and soon after we collaborated and have been working together since. Last year they did a major facelift and renovation to their shop in Platinum and I was invited to be part of their opening. I cannot be more thankful and honoured to be part of it and see how they have grown from a tiny store to what it is today! For those who have visited their shop previously you would have known how small it was right? 
Now you can finally get your specs done at DazzlemeLens too! Previously I had to travel to the other store in Samyan which can be quite hard to find especially if you are unfamiliar with the roads in Bangkok so with this new service available in Platinum, it makes it much easier for everyone :) 
There are a wide range of frames available for you to choose from, some of the popular ones are from Korea and they are of excellent quality (I own 2 pairs myself so I can vouch for that hehe)
There's also a selection of Sunglasses such as Ray Bans worth checking out as well :)
And of course not forgetting lenses!!! I love the new counter where I can shop from, there's also a tablet there where you can browse through and see how the lenses look worn by customers which is good if you are unsure how the lenses will look on your eyes. I managed to pick out a ton of new lenses which I will be featuring over the course of the next few months so do keep a look out for that.
With that said, don't forget to pay their new shop a visit whenever you are in Bangkok! If not you can always make your order online/via Line and have them shipped over within a few days :)
Thank you so much for everything P'Pan and P'Pomme as well as the lovely staff of DazzlemeLens :)
Find them at:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400
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Thank You for reading!