February 3, 2016


Hey guys! It has been awhile since I have last posted a video so I have decided that this year I am going to be more active on myYoutube channel!
So far I have filmed and uploaded two new videos which I'm going to link below:

First up would be my January Favorites video! I have featured some of the products which have really helped my skin with my breakouts. It could be the time of the month which made me breakout like crazy so I had to religiously treat and take care of my skin before it got any worse. Thank god it is so much better now and I hope some of these items that help me can help you too :) 

My second video just got up yesterday and it is a Lunar New Year/Valentine's Day make u tutorial!
I think it is the first every makeup tutorial I ever did so I hope that you guys enjoyed it~

This look is very wearable and is super easy to build up if you want a stronger and bolder make up look! I am definitely going to be wearing this look throughout Chinese New year! :)

For more information on the products do check them out on the video page itself, listed them all out there so that it's easier to refer to. Also, if you liked my videos kindly like and subscribe, 
I will definitely be more active on Youtube so do pop by and check out whenever you can!
Alternatively you can find me on IG (@ponyyzz) as well as my Snapchat (@princessponyyzz)
Will be uploading some travel visuals in the next post so I will see you again soon X