April 11, 2016


Just last month I spent a weekend over at Hong Kong with FANCL and paid a visit to their regional office in Hong Kong to attend a workshop and also to learn more about their brand! So if you can just take a few minutes, here's a video of what went down in Hong Kong :)

Honestly I was sold upon listening to their brand presentation as I cannot believe how much effort and research is invested into the products that made me truly believe how effective they are.

Just to share a little more information about the brand:
All FANCL products are 100% preservatives free
Most of the products that we use in the market now contains preservatives (I'm pretty sure I am guilty of using such products) And what these preservatives do is that they do a lot of damage to the skin overtime which can also cause early aging for the skin.
FANCL products are also designed in a way that consumers will have to finish it within 2 months, hence the reason why they are packaged in smaller bottles as compared to other products in the market. This is to ensure that the product stays fresh and works to its optimum before losing it's properties as there are no added preservatives. They are hermetically sealed to prevent any form of contamination and production dates are clearly indicated on the packaging to ensure that the product is fresh for consumers to enjoy it's maximum efficiency.

At the workshop and product demonstration we got to witness how FANCL's products faired again several other competitor products and I'm surprised to see that it has outdone the rest!
With the make-up remover test, the FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil has faired the best removing the most makeup in the gentlest way leaving behind no residue ensuring that your pores don't remain clogged.

Got to play around with the FANCL Washing Powder. I remember using this many years way back but I didn't know I was supposed to create a foam with the sponge... Guess I was using it all wrong back then hahahaha. It is a really gentle product yet effectively cleanses the skin leaving it soft and smooth after! Can't wait to start using this powder (the right way) again :)
We had an in-depth skin analysis session, apparently my skin is quite good except for the fact that the top layer of my skin is really thin, this could be the result of laser treatments so it was recommended that I keep my laser sessions apart to prevent my skin from thinning out any further! Found this session really helpful so I'm really glad I got my skin checked :) 
After our visit to the office and workshop, FANCL hosted us for dinner at EPURE, you'll get to see how amazing the food and presentation was in the video linked above!
It was one of the rare occasions where I got to experience fine dining and it was such an wonderful dinner. Thank You so much FANCL :)

For our second day we went store visiting! I wasn't prepared to see such huge FANCL stores as I usually see counters (when they used to be in Singapore) so it was a huge surprise to me!
First store we visited was a concept store where consumers can walk through an entrance surrounded with LED walls featuring projections and visuals!

FANCL Concept Store | Festival Walk
Festival Walk 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Shop 30, UG/F Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
The products are all well and beautifully displayed, also you can get consultation done for you skin and even your body if you thinking of trying out their range of supplements!

Moving on to the second store at City Plaza, here you can find Fancl's exclusive make-up range that is not available in Singapore! (Do come by here if you get the chance!)
 FANCL Store | City Plaza
City Plaza, Phase 2, 2F, 285, Hong Kong

Lastly, the latest Fancl store to open Hong Kong at Sheung Wan
As you can see in the video this store is surrounded with floor to ceiling high glass windows which makes the store look really spacious and nice to shop in! 
FANCL Store | Sheung Wan
Nan Fung Place, Shop G4, GF, Sheung Wan

Ended our store visiting day with a hearty lunch treat from FANCL at Chiu Chow Garden! There was so much to eat we ended up not being able to finish everything haha.
 The food was really yummy as we were all so hungry, a big thank you to FANCL again for spoiling our tummies :)
And of course ending off with a group picture of all of us in Hong Kong!
FANCL was also really nice to give us a set of their products to try out at the end of the trip,
Am currently using their Mild Cleansing Oil which has been working extremely well on my skin so far! Can't wait to try the other products out and share them with you guys :)

Lastly,  a wonderful news to fans of FANCL!
FANCL is finally back in Singapore as of the 1st April 2016 at Isetan Scotts, Level 1 . So for those who you who have waiting for this moment, it's time to take a trip down to their new counter and start stocking up on your favourite products!

Once again, Thank You so much FANCL SG as well as FANCL HK for hosting us. Special thanks to TOUCH PR and Events as well as Gushcloud SG for making this trip possible :)