April 3, 2016


Good news for the ladies, if you are planning to travel to Seoul and especially if you are a girl who is heading to Seoul for surgery and need a place to recover,  or maybe just for a holiday with your girlfriends do read on because I might just have the place for you!

Sometimes when it comes to picking an accommodation overseas while we are travelling, it can get pretty frustrating and hard because what if the place that we book/pick isn't like how it seems online? Also, when travelling alone as a girl or with your girlfriends it is always best to pick a good area that isn't shady... or dodgy because it can be really unsafe at night as well.

Emily's Recovery Home
Emily's Recovery Home is basically an apartment home in Garosu-Gil, one of my favourite places to go to when I'm in Seoul. Garosu-Gil is lined with tons of shops as well as cafes and restaurants and every area is a perfect photo op! 

And here is Emily's Recovery Home! There is a total of 3 rooms so if you are a single traveller there's the option of either 1 of 2x single rooms or if you have another friend with you there's a shared bedroom for 2 people... Alternatively if you have 4 girlfriends you can just book the entire place haha
 The place looks so amazing! I cannot emphasize on how much I love the decor of the place and how it looks, it's extremely spacious as well and fully equipped with tons of amenities that's bound to make your stay as comfortable as staying as in your own home ^^
The apartment is located in the heart of Gangnam and is about 500m away from the nearest subway exit! It's very important to me that whenever I stay in Seoul my place has to be near the subway because you will be travelling via the subway most of the time so it's best that you don't have to walk too much! 
 Equipped with a fully functional kitchen as well as all the necessary cutleries and tools that you might need if you ever decide to cook and prepare your own meals!
For recovering plastic surgery guests: There's a blender available for you if you ever need it if you are recovering from major surgeries which would require you to eat soft food! When I did my jaw surgery in Korea, I had to buy a blender in the supermarket and lug the blender back to SG which was super inconvenient so I'm so glad that Emily's was so thoughtful to provide this! 
There's also a first class massage chair!!! If you ever need a good massage from a long day out or just need to relax, feel free to indulge in this massage chair which looks super comfortable~
The toilet has all the basic amenities like, • Hairdryer • Large bath towel and face towel
• Shampoo / Conditioner / Body wash / Soap / Toothpaste / Toilet Paper / Tissue

If you feel like you have had too much to eat in Seoul, burn the extra calories with the exercise machines they have within the apartment! For recovering plastic surgery guests: If you don't feel like heading out anytime throughout your long recovery, it's good to get some light exercise within the apartment at your convenience! 
Within the apartment there are 2 single rooms and 1 dorm style room (2 beds)

All the rooms are equipped with lots of amenities like a wardrobe, safe box, humidifier towels etc.
There's a heated and automatic bed as well! If you are a recovering plastic surgery patient I think this bed would be really good for you. I love how much thought Emily put into the place considering how recovery can be tough and she is providing everything possible to make it easier for guests! 
For recovering Plastic Surgery Patients, you can also request for a food delivery service with Emily days before your trip. Food ranges from normal food to food that's good for after surgery eg. Pumpkin Juice. These can be arranged when you book your accommodation and once arranged, you can expect a fuss free recovery with tons of food at the comfort of the apartment! 
Also, if you are a recovering guests staying for more than 6 days, Emily also provides one free pick-up service after surgery from the clinic to the home!

In a nutshell, I feel that this would definitely make a great place to stay if you are intending to travel to Korea for Plastic Surgery be it alone, or with another friend as the apartment is designed in a way to make recovery a breeze. If not, it is also a great place to spend your holiday at and enjoy some of the extra amenities that you might not find elsewhere :)

Do remember that this is strictly for females guests only!

Here are the links to the respective listings:

Homepage : www. recoveryhomeseoul.com

For additional information feel free to email Emily or check out the website! She's really nice and friendly to talk with so feel free to contact her if you have any enquiries :)