May 9, 2016


Just about a week ago I visited Simply Aesthetics to try out their Glow Zone Laser Facial! So far I can safely say that I have been keeping my skin in check so for the past few months it has been behaving really well... (And I'm really hoping to keep it and that it stays that way haha) 
Hence my skin does not need any treatments that are too intense which is why I thought the Glow Zone Laser Facial is just nice for me as it can help maintain as well as rejuvenate my skin! 
Basically the Glow Zone Laser Facial is a quick and effective treatment to eliminate signs of aging and imperfections. It works for open pores, pimples as well as pigmentation. It is also non invasive and painless so don't worry about any down time, you can do this laser and go shopping right after!
I was told that I could see results after one session so I was really looking forward to see if the treatment worked. The therapist did one side of my face first and true enough.. I could see a difference! 
In the picture below: the dark circles under my eyes have reduced significantly!
 And in this picture below: I tried smiling and you can compare the smile lines on the left with the right, on the left side where it was treated, my smile lines are less deeper as compared to the right as well.
I got to see my skin up-close with a mirror as well and I could see that the texture of my skin did improve as well. Overall I think from x1 session overall you can actually see a 10-15% improvement depending on your skin type as well. For me, my skin was quite good to begin with so with continuous treatments it will help maintain and hopefully my skin can continue glowing in the long run!
Ending off with a picture of me with no make up on my skin except for my eyes/brows/lips!
I will be going back for further treatments with so I will keep you guys updated on the progress of my treatments :) 
For more details you can check out their website here at: