June 8, 2016


For my first visit, It was really comfortable consulting with the attending doctor and trusted that he would help treat the issues I had as well as look after my skin.
Okay so most people around me would ask "What is wrong with your face Donna?"
Complexion wise I'm pretty please as I haven't got any active breakouts but I would like to remove a few pigmentation and dark spots left over from previous acne scars as well as maintain a clear complexion so I got laser done!
after my zygoma and jaw reduction surgery 2 years ago in Korea, I felt that I have quite a bit of "skin" under my eyes and cheeks . Especially in areas labelled A and B in the picture above. Initially I thought it was fats so I assumed I should just lose weight. Despite losing weight recently, I felt that there wasn't a change to my face so I kept thinking that my face is forever going to be fat (hahaha) However the doctor told me that those weren't fat and were sagging skin that's left over after losing weight and removing the bones from my surgery.. (didn't realise this was going to happen) so I was really bummed as this meant no matter how much weight I was going to lose my skin is going to be like this :(

To combat my sagging skin I was recommended the Botox V-lift, this involved injecting small doses of botox along my face from the temples to my jawline to tighten the skin as well as stimulating and re-ordering the fibroblasts of the skin cells to bind more elastin and collagen, to create an instant tightening effect!
Left: Without V-lift | Right: With V-lift
It was recommended to have a few sessions done in order to get the optimum results but you can already see results from one session! There isn't a downtime for this procedure except for a couple of small red spots and minor bruising depending on the individual but other than that the treatment went by very quickly! 

Overall I was extremely pleased with the treatment and experience, 
for more details and information for all related treatments do check them out at their website!