June 6, 2016


Today is the start of a brand new week and I thought it would be great to do some self pampering so I decided to get my lashes and hair done today :) 

This is my 3rd time visiting Lushlashhh (@lushlashhh) and it has always been a great experience getting my lashes done with them. I think my friends around me would have heard me mention before about how much I used to hate lash extensions as they would make most of my lashes fall off and of course (my itchy fingers wouldn't leave them alone) hahaha but after several experiences with a few places I finally found that the technique and lashes here suits me best!
 Did mention them on my Instagram before but this is the first time talking about them on my blog! Above are the various designs and types of lashes that they do. They are very versatile and can work to customising according to your preference :)
 Here's the end result! Mine is the C- Curl with a mix of 11 and 13mm lashes :)
If you are looking for a place to get your lashes done you can give Lushlashh a go!
They have currently launched packages for lash extensions as well so it's really worth checking out!
Instagram: Lushlashh
The Arcade @Raffles place #03-12, Tel: 85685268
After my lashes I also decided to pop by Salon Vim to get treatment done :)
About 2 months back I found my hair is the worst state ever...... My ends were super dry and one portion of my hair broke until there's a bunch of it that's only a few cms long. IT'S DAMN SCARY. I think it was because it was neglecting my hair so I didn't apply serums, mask nor dried it properly so it just became super damaged. I returned to Salon Vim months after (should have salvaged it earlier) and my hairdresser (Weng) had a shock.
Since then I was told to return every 2 weeks to get intensive treatment done. There wasn't a name to the treatment I did because Weng customised it for me to salvage my hair as much as he could. I also snipped quite a few inches off recently so I'm happy to say my hair is slowly regaining it's shine as well as strength with continuos treatments!
Meanwhile... let's take a moment to enjoy my long lashes..... Haha
After an entire day of treatments here's a selfie with nice long lashes and healthier hair! 
Looking forward to my next treatment in 2 weeks time :) 

Salon Vim is kick starting the GSS with promotions with up to 55% off their double treatments!
They have launched their e-store so you can purchase your service vouchers online and enjoy the treatments after :) 
Check it out at www.salonvim.sg today X