July 13, 2016


Brows - One of the features on our faces which I find super important. How you groom, shade or draw them can make a huge difference in your appearance. As for myself, I can go out without a full face make up but I always make sure that I need to have my brows filled in! 

To give myself the convenience of not reaching out to my brow pencil on a No Make Up day, an Eyebrow Embroidery would be the best option. I have had Eyebrow Embroidery done before years ago and it's been awhile since I got them done again. This time, I'm really happy to have them done at Le Queenz and here I would like to share my experience with you guys :)
Aside from Eyebrow Embroidery services, Le queenz do provide Facial Treatments and Advanced Body Hair Removal services too!

I will be leaving my brows in the hands of Master Beauty Artist Elaine who has years of experience in Eyebrow Embroidery. She gave me a detailed brow analysis which suits my face and enhance my facial features at the same time.

At Le Queenz a 'soft' embroidery technique is applied instead so the entire process is very gentle resulting in a more natural result. Compared to the traditional tattoo, the stroke by stroke technique is very delicate so there was little to no pain! I was very amazed that at the end of the procedure there was zero bleeding as well.
And here's the end result with my brows looking fuller than before and very natural! I was surprised they didn't come off too dark so it was really fine to go out right after the procedure without looking as tho I had overly darkened brows :) 
I can say this is the first time in a long time that I have been really pleased with my brows! I'm so thankful for Le Queenz for doing such a good job and giving me a boost of confidence with these new brows. The recovery process was a breeze for me as well, I just had to avoid using any products on my brows and keeping them dry and hydrated! A little redness is normal and expected after the embroidery and it will last for a few hours! Peeling was minimal although it itched a little for about a day or two but other than that everything else was good :)
Here's my brows after a week and a half, fully recovered so I didn't have to draw them anymore!

If you're looking for a place to get your brows done I would highly recommend entrusting them to Le Queenz!

Block 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-28 Singapore 082001 
Tel: 6244 0228 / 8533 2336
Do call and make an appointment with them before heading down,
you can also find more information with them at: www.lequeenz.com

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