May 4, 2017


 As a huge fan of Etude House, you can imagine my sense of joy when I received an entire set of the Dear My Glass Tinting Lip Talk- I was ecstatic! 
Seeing that there were so many I decided to take the time to swatch and share more about them with you guys!
These new lipsticks comes in 20 different shades and the catch to them are the cases which are customisable to your preference. The lipsticks and cases are sold separately so you have the freedom to pair the shade that you like and match it with any of the 20 cases that are available for you to choose from! 
The designs of the cases are really cute and pretty and if it were me I would be spoilt for choice!
 From these 20 shades you can choose from a variety of reds, oranges, pinks and a few nude tones. There's one that even looks like green (I got a shock when I saw the colour) but when applied leaves a really nice and pink sheen (# GR 701) which was really unexpected! 
Seeing that this is more like a tinting lipstick, you can choose to apply this lightly or heavily as the shades are buildable. If you are a fan of a gradient lip this product makes it really easy to achieve that look as well. It also contains collagen and honey extract which makes it really hydrating, I remember while applying the colour it glides on so smoothly like a balm, leaving my lips really soft! 
 As much as I really love how this feels and look on my lips, I realised that using this may require some touch-ups throughout the day. Compared to other tints that really stains your lips, the formulation of this product is somewhere in between a tinted lip balm and a lipstick so I realised after a few hours of wear it was time for me to reapply it! For days where I apply little to no make up I would definitely pick this up since it's really lightweight and easy to work with, it's great for daily wear! 
A big Thank You to Etude for sending these over, I had a great time trying them out!
The Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips- Talk Collection will be available from May 2017 onwards at Etude House stores island wide.