March 2, 2018


Who could ever imagine that jam will come in the most pocket friendly size?

All the way from Korea, is the Nature Food's Premium Pocket Jam. When I first heard of this product, I thought to myself " Oh, it's just jam! " however after getting to know more about it, I came to realise that this product is completely sugar free! How?

It is a concentrated blend of fruit enzymes mixed with Korean organic rice and organic barley which makes it naturally sweet yet not too sweet as compared to the jams you'll find in the market.
Additionally, this product is free from preservatives and food additives which makes is safe for the whole family be it young or old!
This product comes in 3 flavours: Grape, Citrus and Banana.
It's great for pairing with crackers (my personal favourite combination while snacking) , yogurt,
or even just on plain bread! My personal favourite flavour would be the grape, if you ask me I would say it's very comparable to the one you get in your McDonald's breakfast but this is better and a much healthier alternative.

I love that they come in individuall packets for single consumption as it's much more hygienic as opposed to jams which comes in a jar. Due to frequent exposure those in the jar tends to get contaminated after awhile, I often find bits of food in my jam jars and it can get quite gross!
With the way it's packaged, it makes it easier for portability. Especially if you have kids or find yourself throwing a picnic, having these on the go would make life so much easier. I'll definitely be packing a few packets of these on my upcoming holiday so I can enjoy them when I have my breakfasts on the go! :)

Where to buy this?
You can shop this product by clicking on this link : Nature's Food Premium Pocket Jam
I'm so glad to have discovered this product and I hope you will enjoy them too!